On site repair

We coordinate our services with your schedule

Lifetime Value Analysis

We will analyze your data to identify your most valuable customers.


Network Solutions

We design, configure and optimize residential and business networks

Hardware Upgrades

We will analyze your current infrastructure and assist with purchases

Social Media 

We offer social media deployment and optimization

Analysis & Strategy


virus removal

Malware removal and antivirus configuration

Analysis & Strategy

Our experts are skilled with a variety of types of statistical analyses.

System security

Both active and passive processes and employee education

     Welcome to XtremePC Consulting – a different kind of computer related service company.  We are very fortunate to enjoy business relationships with a broad spectrum of customers from all walks of life – florists, doctors, contractors, machinists.…..many small businesses that continually introduce us to new and innovative ways of employing and harnessing emerging technology to facilitate their goals.  Employ us here at XtremePC and you will not only benefit from our technical expertise, but the experiences we have had with many unique small businesses in the state of Maine that have learned the secrets to success from the school of hard knocks.  Let’s work together to efficiently utilize technology…….benefit from our experience and accomplish greater efficiency in the way you do business – both internally and externally.       
     We will teach you the task at hand so you can do it yourself, we will work with you to accomplish the tasks at hand or we will complete the tasks for you – it is your choice.  We don’t think outside of the box here – we have cut the corners on the box and made it lay flat – and turned that box into an easel – to help you create the unique environment you are looking for.
     Please explore our website and let us know what you think..….we welcome your input and will continually strive to make sure our customers are extremely satisfied with the quality of service they receive.  Thanks for stopping by!